21 February 2015

Giant cemetery of unidentified Russian mercenaries found in Donetsk

Censor Net: 21. February 2015

Russian journalist and blogger Ilya Varlamov took a picture of Donetsk cemetery where terrorists are buried. The vast number of graves are those of unidentified soldiers.
Varlamov posted the cemetery image on his Livejournal blog.
террористы кладбище могилы
"This is the mercenaries' cemetery, which they call 'Alley of Glory.' Many bodies remain unidentified, so they are buried with just number plates ," the journalist reported.
Mashable: 21. February 2015
"Nobody is looking for them." Important story from @ChristopherJM on the missing people eastern Ukraine: http://mashable.com/2015/02/20/ukraines-nameless-dead/ 

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