6 February 2015

Senator McCain: U.S. Congress is ready to act decisively if Obama will not provide Ukraine with weapons

Channel 5: 06. February 2015

Republican Senator John McCain.

The U.S. Congressmen are willing to put pressure on Obama administration and the Pentagon to achieve positive decision on granting weapons to Ukraine.
U.S. lawmakers will write legislation requiring the United States to send arms to Ukraine if President Barack Obama does not move to send weapons, Republican Senator John McCain said on Thursday, reports Channel 5.

McCain led about a dozen Republican and Democratic senators in pressing Obama to send arms to help Kyiv defend itself against a Russian-backed separatist movement.
McCain's position is supported even by some Democrats - the representatives of the party with opposing views. Ashton Carter nominated by President Barack Obama to replace Chuck Hagel as the United States Secretary of Defense also expresses support to provision of weapons to Ukraine.

At the same time, the White House has not yet decided whether to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons to fight separatists or not.
Senator McCain said that the United States must respond promptly and provide Ukraine with offensive lethal weapons. According to him, the Russian occupation of sovereign territories of Ukraine, which continues even under the pressure of political and economic sanctions, is a serious threat to European security.

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