2 February 2015

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry: We have enough Kalashnikovs and tanks. Ukraine needs sophisticated weapons

Censor.NET: 02. February 2015


Ukraine has already taken many steps for the arms market to become available for it and now our country is free to purchase advanced weapons to counter Russian aggression.
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadym Prystaiko told in the interview to Voice of America, reports Ukrinform.

The sophisticated lethal weapons are not yet available to Ukraine but its possibilities to acquire weapons have significantly increased, the diplomat said.

There are many legislations that prohibit selling weapons to the countries that are not allies. It is difficult to overcome these laws and protocols because these obstacles were established intentionally for the weapons not to be spread throughout the world. But these details do not seem so important when the country is just bleeding to death, Prystaiko says.


"We're not talking about Kalashnikov assault rifles. We also have sufficient quantity of tanks. We are able to produce tanks and other simple weapons. Sophisticated weapons are important for us such as counter-artillery radars to oppose the artillery, shelling our cities as well as counter-sniper and mine-disposal equipment. We started from supplies of bullet-resistant vests, uniforms, helmets and now we require counter-artillery radars, mine-disposal weapons counter-sniper equipment, special protection and hardware including but not limited to drones. We are already purchasing modern rifles, armored vehicles. That means that we have reached a higher level," Prystaiko said.

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