4 February 2015

NATO: Russia has deployed modern missiles in Donbas

Censor.NET: 04. February 2015

NATO Chief Spokeswoman Oana Lungescu.

NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu told about available evidence and proofs of the regular Russian troops and weapons’ presence on the territory of Ukraine.
This was mentioned at a press briefing at NATO headquarters, reports Ukrinform.
Oana Lungescu said she believed it was clear and understood, for the Alliance relied on its intelligence as well as full range of open sources of independent international non-governmental organizations, the OSCE, and the media, including independent Russian journalists. She said there were a lot of evidence. The NATO spokesperson noted that the militants in Ukraine were trained and equipped by Russia and received orders from the Russian command. Russia, she said, had deployed its regular troops in Ukraine.

According to her, NATO clearly observed hundreds of military equipment units relocated from Russia to Ukraine over the past few weeks, including the latest hardware that is used only by Russia.
The separatists could not cope with such weapons on their own, the Alliance spokesperson said, adding that special skills are in fact required for this. She specified that she was talking about modern missiles, tanks, armored vehicles - the whole range of heavy weapons which cannot be purchased on the open market in Donetsk.

Lungescu also reminded about the Russian soldiers who were captured or killed by the Ukrainian forces, as well as numerous evidence of the Russian Federation soldiers' presence in Ukraine, saying that information in this regard may be found in social networks.

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