23 August 2014

Tomorrow Ukraine is about to get a new English language television channel called 'Ukraine Today'

Broadband TV News: 23. August 2014

The Ukrainian group 1+1 Media will launch tomorrow an international TV news channel named 'Ukraine Today'.
It went on air in test mode on August 11 but broadcast in full starts from August 24.
According to the company, all broadcasting will be in English, though in due course it will also do so in Russian.

Commenting on the channel, Alexander Tkachenko, CEO of 1+ 1 Media, said: “For us, as one of the leading Ukrainian media companies, it is important to provide the international community with access to the real facts and events in Ukraine, Russia and the CIS. Unfortunately, in recent years we have witnessed a large-scale information war conducted by Russian state media. We believe that we can respond to it, especially by providing objective information based on the principles of the civilized world: with all-round points of view, without lies and distortions. Ukraine Today is our contribution in support of Ukraine’s European choice.”
Tetiana Pushvona, who has been the chief editor of TSN since September 2011, has been appointed the general producer of the channel, which will employ both Ukrainians and EU citizens.

Ukraine Today

Ukraine Today will be distributed FTA via Hotbird this year in Europe and will become available in the US from next year.
The announcement of Ukraine Today’s launch comes few days after Yuri Artemenko, the chairman of the National Council on TV and Radio, said that the launch of such a service, which would cover events in both Ukraine and abroad and be aimed at viewers outside the country, was a priority.

Ukraine Today is the world’s first international TV news channel focusing on Ukraine. Headquartered in Kiev and with a network of correspondents throughout the world, Ukraine Today aims to offer a fresh and uniquely Ukrainian perspective on global current affairs.

Ukraine Today will provide 24hr coverage of Ukrainian, regional and world news. The channel’s primary focus is on Ukrainian current affairs, with additional editorial focuses including EU expansion and integration, Russian relations with Europe and America, the defence of European values in both Ukraine and within the EU itself, and the challenges of nation-building in the 21st century.

The TV channel started with experimental program on 11 August.

Ukraine Today satellite
broadcasting details:
Eutelsat Hotbird @ 13 E
Frequency: 11623 MHz
Symbol Rate: 27,5 Mbaud
FEC: 3/4 Polarization: Vertical
Codec: MPEG2
Modulation: QPSK
Format: DVB-S


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